Have you found a place yet, where you can get all that you demand?  Yes, it is there and it goes by the name guatemala-times.com.What exactly, are we looking for today? It is the good old drawer.

What is a Drawer?

It is a box-shaped storage space which has a number of movable compartments. It is a space-saver in today’s homes. Our homes are more of flats and there is dearth of space. The best option is to store vertically and what better way, than the good old drawer. It can store everything from books to clothes.

Guatemala Times stocks the reviews for the best drawers. Let us checkout the first one from the list.  It is the good old South Shore Drawer. It is a three-drawer chest from Libra. The individual drawers will not come out completely, as there are locks on the channels. It will open till the extent, it is necessary.Plus, it is safe for children in the house as the drawer has rounded corners. There are a variety of colours to choose from – chocolate, maple, white and many more.


The Sterilite Drawer

It is movable piece of furniture.  It comprises of clear material. It allows you to find out, what you have stored without having to open the drawers.It is very economical and can be shifted in a jiffy.

The Seville Classics Drawer

It has quite a few drawers, to be exact ten of them. This piece of handy furniture comprises of ten drawers neatly arranged on top of the other. These drawers are used in commercial establishments like Salons as well, for their utility.

Qualities of the best Drawer

  • You should look for rounded edges, for homes with children.
  • Multiple drawers for categorically placing each object
  • Foldable material. It is easier to carry around.

So, now is the time to buy the perfect one, isn’t it?