There are certain problems your mobile phone can suffer from time to time. All of us are obsessed with our phones, and we take them everywhere. If you own a smartphone, you should be aware that your phone will be at high risk of bugs, crashes and as it becomes older, your phone will be affected. There are some instances in which you will need to visit a shop, but there are specific scenarios in which you can fix the problem all by yourself.

Smartphone running slow

It is one problem you will suffer from if your phone gradually becomes old. If you keep on stuffing unnecessary apps on your phone, it will become slow since it will be affecting the RAM of your device. Moreover, if you have too many files on your phone, it can also get affected. You can quickly fix it. If you do not need any useless app, you should consider deleting it from your phone. You can prefer clearing all the unnecessary data too.

Poor battery life

The battery life of the phones can be affected as it grows older. It may either suffer from slow charging or charging fail. The battery drainage also occurs because we are always stuck to our phones. However, the problem will increase when the battery drains out without being used. Certain apps drain the battery too.

Phone or app crash

When you install an app on your phone from the third party, the bug enters and leads to crashing of the phone. Although you can consider clearing off the ‘app manager’, in some cases, this may not work out. As a result, you can check out various websites such as that can help you fix this crashing problem.


If you use your phone too much from time to time, it will tend to overheat. Moreover, various gaming apps also consume much battery leading to overheating. To avoid this situation, you should not use your phone while charging.