It is not just a decade when books were considered to be the best ally of humans in idle time but it’s different in the present. Now, smartphone is the best ally of young generation because they take it as the best to spent time with their smartphone. You may find them in a corner sticking with their smartphone watching a video or playing some game on their smartphone. It’s a smartphone mania that is deriving young population, especially teens, to a destruction, they may not be foreseeing. The use of smartphones for long hours is concerning from health perspective but nobody cares.

What you expect from your cheap smartphone

You can say that smartphone is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. It fits in modern lifestyle and favored for its versatile utility. Amazingly, this small device of mobile telephony is a one device for multi-utility. The cheap versions of Chinese market have made it affordable for people to buy a smartphone without too much consideration for its price, but cheap is always cheap. It can’t keep on working for long.


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