There are several styles of swimming that are competed upon as contests. Some of the forms are butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, and many more forms that can be learnt from your swim log website The distance for the swimmers to compete is varied and depends on the type of race. The race ranges from a distance of 25 yards and ranges up to 1600 yards. There are a specific set of norms associated with the strokes of the swimmers in the water and depend on the style of the competition.

  1. Freestyle- This is a very flexible form of the competition. The only rule that applies is that the swimmer must not push out of the lane line and must compulsorily touch the wall. As you can imagine, a lot of stamina and muscle looseness is important in order to be effective with the freestyle stroke. If you suffer from muscle tightness or joint pain, you can look into the use of CBD oil to see if that will help.
  2. Backstroke- This is same as freestyle but the position of swimming for the swimmers is reverse. The arms are swung alternatively and in the reverse direction while swimming upside down. The swimmers are not allowed to turn more than ninety degrees.
  3. Breaststroke- The starting is done as a frog kick and the hands and legs of the swimmer must constantly move together while swimming at the same plane in an identical pattern. The head must be above the surface on each stroke with the arms immersed under water.
  4. Butterfly- The movement of this form of swimming is similar to the swimming pattern of a dolphin. Both the hands come out of the water together with each stroke. This is a faster swimming pattern compared to the breaststroke.
  5. Medley- every stroke can only be given by the swimmer to cover 25% of the total track distance for the medley event. The strokes must be taken legally at each instance while swimming to avoid disqualification.
  6. Relay- A team of four swimmers competes together in a relay where each team member can swim only once and cover only 25% of the total distance of the